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Hi Penguins,


If you have waddled to the beach by now then you’ll most likely see the ever so known Migrator docked at the Beach, and we all know what this means–YES! We get some exclusive items that are so cool to wear and brag about, but we also get our beloved Pirate mascot, Captain Rockhopper, visiting the island once again and who doesn’t want to see that?



Did you spot yourself in the video shown above? If you did then leave a comment! Don’t forget to collect all the items at The Migrator as the items are pretty limited, and you won’t be seeing these items for a long time as Rockhopper brings different exciting gifts each time he visits the island.


Waddle on,


By on June 30, 2017 | 39 Comments


  • happy1 says:

    Hope he comes to visit us penguins again this week!

  • DoodleBob says:

    I saw myself! I’m glad Rockhopper came! πŸ˜€

  • PixeledGamer says:

    Nice! i loved meeting rockhopper!

  • CookieTheCat says:

    I missed him :c

  • CookieTheCat says:

    I missed him :c

  • Ciullo1 says:

    I did see myself in the video! Only the first three clips but still it was an amazing time being able to meet Rockhopper and see myself in the video (My name was “Ciullo1” BTW). I can’t wait for the water party to start! Waddle On!

  • bluey20043 says:

    I was there, but not until later on at the forest. I can’t believe I was one of the first to meet rockhopper at this party!!

  • pinky7797 says:

    i missed him sadly. πŸ™ I hope he comes on the island again soon!

  • bluey20043 says:

    I was there, but not until later on at the forest. I can’t believe I was one of the first to meet rockhopper at this party! cool!

  • Wallydisney says:

    I was told to leave a comment if I was in the video, so here it is.

  • Imogen says:

    thx so much for putting club penguin back on, it nearly made me cry because it is back on and running

  • Tweets009 says:

    I saw myself in the vid

  • euston says:

    I saw myself 20 seconds into the video, woo hoo!

  • JackVictorc says:

    I met Rockhopper before so its not as exciting as usual but still exciting. I absolutely love my Ship in a Bottle on my Igloo wall.

  • Robertj15 says:

    I see Drivr3joe in the video

  • Avalanche47 says:

    i was asleep πŸ™

  • Galaxystar22 says:

    I didn’t go XD I hope to go next time though!

  • Galaxystar22 says:

    I didn’t go XD I hope to go next time though!

  • Earth 18 says:

    I saw myself in the video, I loved meeting Rockhopper.

  • Mint42 says:

    I’m glad Rockhopper is here to visit the island!

  • Fizzy28876 says:

    OK SERIOUSLY CPR! I need help

    I got a postcard this morning saying that a puffle of mine has ran away and that is because there’s a problem with taking care of them – it wont let me feed or take them out! I’ve asked for this problem to be resolved but I think it’s clear that I’m not going to get any help of this.

    • pals09 says:

      i think they are aware of this issue, but they are working on card jitsu they work hard enough, patients. you arent the only one with the issue.

  • BurningP says:

    Didn’t see myself, but I met him!

  • SnippitySnap says:

    Yep, four times actually, lol

  • violetyellow says:

    I know this is unrelated to the topic but I can’t take care of my puffles. The sleep button doesn’t work and neither does the puffle-o button. The other feeding options do work but they are not making my puffles less hungry. I am worried about them and I do not know how to help them. If you could please work on those buttons I would really appreciate it. I don’t mean to be negative, I know how hard it is to run a website but I hope you can fix this. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.

  • jeffi says:

    i wish i got 2 c him im on almost evry dAY

  • obotron says:


  • Hotdogry1 says:

    I want to meet RH, I want my backgrounds back I miss having them I had lots on CP

  • lol11 says:

    Where is rockhopper where was he I wish I saw him is he gone?

  • Daphne1 says:

    I already met Rockhopper on the server Avalanche.

  • IVY JOE says:

    πŸ™‚ this will be the first time i pay while RH is here!!!:)

  • do the dab says:

    I saw rockhopper

  • DenisX says:

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  • jackhammer64 says:

    Too bad I didn’t see Captain Rockhopper. He sure is a great pirate. I will definitely try my best to see him next time! Arrr! πŸ˜€

  • littlegamer says:

    i spotted HunterCPPS

  • Joymn says:

    nice post

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