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Hi Penguins,


Welcome to the 16th Edition of Penguin of the Week! The penguin that has been chosen this week has been in the community for a while now showing true passion for Club Penguin Rewritten, and we appreciate this a lot, not only that but they have an eye for decorating their igloo with some crazy designs! As well as fine igloo design skills, this penguin is super helpful when it comes to catching rule breakers, and helping other members of the community out around the island; and decorating their penguin to the absolute max for fashion, of course! Congratulations to SnippitySnap for being this weeks Penguin of The Week, woo! Party balloons everywhere–yeah–awesome, woo!





Congratulations SnippitySnap, you my good penguin have managed to snap yourself some exclusive items within the game, show off your awesome viking helmet on the island and spend those coins wisely, buy a pizza if you must.

If you want to become POTW make sure to follow the Club Penguin Rewritten rules, be active, and be friendly within our awesome community – oh and wear a fancy outfit if you must to stand out from the crowd.


Waddle On,


By on July 2, 2017 | 50 Comments


  • Best King 58 says:

    Ayyy! Great job Snip! You truly deserve to be POTW! (:

  • THE G.O.A.T. says:


  • euston says:

    Congratulations SnippitySnap! It is much deserved!

  • PixeledGamer says:

    Congratulations! you are a great community member!

    • PixeledGamer says:

      Snippitysnap is well deserving of this, he is very nice and kind! i actually remember inviting him to cpr’s discord, does this mean i helped him get potw a little? (:

  • Aj22000 says:

    Congrats, Snippity! Take that helmet, and wear it with honor!

    Your pal, Aj

  • craftingnoob says:

    woo-hoo! graet job! congrats! πŸ˜€

  • Pinky7797 says:

    Congrats Snip!!! you are awesome!! you deserved it!! I am so happy for you!

  • SnippitySnap says:

    Love you all so much! πŸ˜€

  • Blue4740 says:

    Congrats SnippitySnap my friend!

  • Jsaking 11 says:


  • happy1 says:

    Nice work Snip! Good to see such nice people in this community. πŸ˜€

  • Kohdak says:

    Congratulations! You deserved it!

  • Trudermark says:

    Congrats, Snip!

    You did gud

  • Jackson45566 says:

    will there be a chance that i will become POTW?

  • asdad says:

    England is my city

  • Daphne1 says:


  • Armando says:

    Congrats man!

  • Halopona says:

    Congrats Snippy well deserved!

  • coolgamer.netYT says:

    hey cp rewritten team, today I want to nominate my buddy sanstdm for penguin of the week, he is very kind and loves to have fun, he also is very kind to the whole community and loves to roleplay with me and my friends. although he doesn’t really log in dally like before, when he is online, he is amazing friend, I hope he will be the next penguin of the week, if you want to friend me, my penguin name is ssega2

  • Tweets009 says:

    You really deserved POTW,and when I say that, I’m mean it. When I first heard you won, my first thoughts were:’Hasn’t Snippity already won?’ and I’m not joking when I said it, you really deserved it. Well done!

  • Asulio says:

    Congrats! I hope I get to be POFTW for once. I tried so hard before. I also wish all of the others good luck too!

  • skye0 says:

    How does one vote for POTW?

  • Nataliegirly says:

    I remember seeing you around the island always helping penguins around! so you deserve it a lot! And please always keep the good and kind heart! I see you love CPR as much as we do! so congratz fam!

  • Ferragamo says:

    First off, congrats! Second, how do you win this? I’ve been an active member in the CPR community since the start and I’ve also participated in the CPR Improvement Project like many others. I enjoy the game very much and also would like to thank the creators of CPR for saving this legendary and nostalgic game.

  • Kateraid says:

    Congrats Snip! I can tell you make CPR a better place by just looking at ya!

  • WhimsicalNut says:


  • Lily9549 says:

    This is totally random, but I love you Club Penguin Rewritten!!!!!

    You brought back Field-Ops and (in the future) Card-Jitsu, both of my favorite parts of classic CP! Not to mention, having the stage again, and the recycling plant, the type your story books and more.

    Once CPR gets Card Jitsu, (And Card Jitsu Water and Fire) it will be exactly the way CP is supposed to be. My only suggestion is that Field-Ops come more often (maybe every day or every other day) Thanks again!!!

  • mryellows1 says:

    I would like to nominate Bluey20043 for POTW. He is not only very kind to everybody, but he makes awesome igloos, has lots of friends, and has a really cool outfit. He also has a lot of stamps. I hope Bluey20043 becomes the next POTW.

  • Trekker says:

    Congrats Snap! You truly deserved it! I know this is off topic but I beg the CPR Team, plz add a rainbow viking helment… I beg.

  • pals09 says:

    good job snip : D

  • ChrisCPI says:

    I would like to nominate myself for POTW because I have been helping some penguins and I do role-plays with me best friend on CPR, pals09. Also, I have been teased me for my name having “CPI” in it, which stands for the app everyone hates, Club Penguin Island. And getting POTW would sure make me feel better.

  • Macy Lizard says:

    YAAY!! Well done, buddy! You deserve it soo much! I would like to nominate a truly inspirational penguin. Her name is Lovebacon56. As well as having an EPIC channel on youtube, she is a great buddy and a very kind penguin! She would make a fantastic Penguin of The Week. Thanks πŸ™‚
    – Macy Lizard

  • Doughnutboy says:

    I think I’m the only one with this problem but my catalogs won’t update and I’m stuck with the June ones. Please fix this

  • MintyBunny says:

    Congrats Snip! You totally deserve it and I know you will rock the helmet πŸ˜€

  • Bronwyn10 says:

    I know this is irrelevant, but I have no other way to contact CPR! Help! I can’t feed my puffle because of a glitch and he’s really really hungry! I can only feed him cookies, but they do nothing! I don’ have twiiter, so can someone please tell me how I can contact someone, anyone PLEASE!!!!

  • little007 says:

    I have a good summer themed look but if CPR mods are reading this can i get a 4th anniversary hat as i had it in my original CP account and it was really special to me in old CP so please give it to me but i have a very funny summer themed look and it is a penguin with hair in a pink bikini

  • WetFeet says:

    I would like to nominate MintyBunny as the next POTW. She helped me decorate my igloo, and complimented my outfit! I asked where she got one of her outfits, and so she decided to kindly help me find it in the catalog! Her igloo and outfit style is totally out of this world! I nominate MintyBunny because she is helping make Club Penguin Rewritten a better place!

  • Doughnutboy says:

    I think I should be POTW because I’ve been going for all the stamps and I have gotten over 100 stamps so far. Im probably not going to be one tho but it would be amazing if I was one.

  • peoples says:

    Whoever is reading this, YOU are awesome! Don’t believe me? Ask your parents πŸ™‚

  • Aleena12345 says:

    Congrats SnippitySnap! The POTW award was well deserved to you! If I could make a suggestion I would make it for my great friend Skye0, she makes amazing igloos and loves puffles. She’s been a great friend to me so if theres anyway I could owe her friendship it would be her becoming the POTW because her friend’s votes. πŸ™‚

    Waddle on,

  • hana says:

    congrats but how to join penguin of the week

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