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Hi Penguins,


Today’s topic is about Online Safety and how it is important for every little thing you do online, and not just for our virtual world. The community is amazing, there’s no denying how fantastic our community really is, but you also have a few rule breakers within the game that we try and keep the good penguins away from as best as we can. But, it is not just the Moderators that keep the island safe–there’s also full guidance from a parent or someone you trust.



Here are some fantastic tips for you to stay safe online:


• Be Confident: If you see a rule breaker then we urge you to report that player for our moderation team to see, we’re here for a reason and that is to keep the island safe from rule breakers while making sure you’re having a pleasant experience; this goes for inappropriate language and inappropriate usernames.


• Keep Your Information Private: We also urge you guys to keep your private information to yourselves. This includes things such as your name, phone number, address and even the city you live in. If you happen to come across another player doing this in-game then urgently let a member of staff know about it.


• Password Protect: Your password is yours and only yours, please do not give this information out to anyone but yourself, or a parental figure. We also advise you to have a strong password but while making sure it’s easy to remember.


Waddle On,

By on July 7, 2017 | 31 Comments


  • a1tered says:

    Stay safe penguins! Cheers

  • PixeledGamer says:

    Very good video! this is good information.

  • Valenscent says:

    I will be sure to be on top of things! I always report someone when I see something wrong or inappropriate. I also have a question. When will the next mascot be on the island? I played cp for 6 years and never got to meet any mascots so my goal on cpr is to meet all of them! Thank you! 😀

    • a1tered says:

      Hey! I saw your question about mascots. Mascots appear at random times, but they are more likely to appear during parties, like the water party coming up. Hope this helped!

  • coolgamer.netYT says:

    its great that the cpr team keeps cp rewritten safe and fun keep up the good work

    from:coolgamerYT also known as ssega2

  • Blue Dust says:

    Remember kids, don’t make fun of someone just because they have a weird eyebrow.

  • LexiSparkles says:

    Question: So I’ve been having a glitch to where I can’t care for my puffles ever since the puffle launch update, and I’m afraid I’m about to lose some of my puffles, and I was wondering if y’all knew about it and could y’all fix it soon please? Also, I got the stamp for the canon in puffle launch but never got the canon, so I was wondering what to do about that as well, thank you.

  • Mondarius says:

    I’ve seen 2 penguins swearing and not getting banned, but i reported them.
    Stay safe!

  • 8JKN4 says:

    I know I shouldn’t be saying this in this post but I’ll say it:
    The July clothing catalog isn’t working for me since when it was released,and I already tried everything,I tried clearing the cache,the cookies,and it still doesn’t work,and for some reason the Furniture catalog and the new pin work,even tho they were released in the same day.
    Basically just what do I do and why’s it happening?

  • Alexm03 says:

    Thank’s for help 🙂

  • Dogesrock says:

    there is a bug when we try to get in to our igloo but it says “sorry this room is currently full” everyones igloo is bugged and i couldn’t get into my igloo can u try to fix? – Dogesrock

  • Daphne1 says:

    Stay safe everyone!

  • AngelSplash says:

    I have a question. It doesn’t really relate to to the video, but when will Card-Jitsu be released? I’ve been dying to play it and would really like an answer. Thank You!

    • pals09 says:

      sometime this summer i think

    • Katla178 says:

      I know I’m not a worker of CPR, but I think each element comes out at different times, different parties, although I’m not sure. But, in the Club Penguin yearbooks, it said that in one party Sensei introduced them to snow, and another, fire came along because the penguins noticed a volcano exploding! I don’t remember waters story though. I also may be wrong anyways! Hope you get a real answer C:

  • Eesa says:

    Real talk: Everybody was saying Card-Jitsu would come out in a couple days. That was weeks ago. What is going on? Did some new huge bugs get discovered last minute? An official statement would be nice

  • MintyBunny says:

    Yea! Also, there is a card-jitsu party, right?

  • Sophia... says:

    thx club penguin we love you all ive reported all the people doing stuff they shouldnt today someone asked me for my password and usernmae plz do not share your password its dangarase thx also i want to be the penguin of the week

  • jackhammer64 says:

    This is absolutely amazing. I give several congratulations to the CP Rewritten team for working just as hard to make Club Penguin Rewritten better than the old one. I feel like CP Rewritten will last much longer than the original Club Penguin. Keep the good work up, team. And remember, stay safe penguin buddies!

    Waddle on!

  • Sapphire19 says:

    hey i wanted to report a penguin i dont know why he was talking rubbish but i went away and when i came back he wasnt there. Can i give u guys his username rite now so u can what can be done pls?

  • Sofia says:

    there is a glitch in the game that makes it so that when I open the upgrade igloo magizine It says I have 0 coins but I know I have more than that. Can you fix it?

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