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Hi Penguins,


I’m happy to say that we’ve had an amazing time during the Music Jam event – we’ve had a lot of fun events that I’m sure you all enjoyed! We got to meet Cadence, the Penguin Band, and also DJ Maxx for his first ever appearance fully on the island, how cool is that? But with happiness, you sometimes get a tiny bit of sadness over the fact that the Music Jam is now coming to an end.



But it’s okay, we have a LOT of fun events coming up to Club Penguin Rewritten and I’m sure you are all as excited as we are to bring them to you, I’d love to give out more information about these super cool events but I’m afraid I have to keep my beak shut about this one! Make sure to keep watch on the What’s New blog for awesome updates and sneak peeks, also for a fun post showing the Music Jam party recapped with awesome screenshots showcasing our beloved community.


What did YOU enjoy about the Music Jam? Leave your answers in the comments below!


Waddle on,


By on June 25, 2017 | 50 Comments


  • pals09 says:

    waddle on music jam see you next year : (

  • euston says:

    I loved the extra rooms (such as backstage) and the large amount of mascots!

  • Pinky7797 says:

    I loved the music jam! I’m a bit sad its over, but I cannot wait for the new events coming!

  • Best King 58 says:

    Waddle on music jam! Hope to see you again next year with even more superior content! (:

  • Trudermark says:

    I’ll never forget the Backstage. One of my favorite rooms.

    And meeting DJ Maxx eyy

    • Stu says:

      I agree, it was one of my favorite rooms and I really enjoyed meeting the Penguin Band members there, always such a pleasure.

  • Jake1702 says:

    And to think today is the first day in a while I decided to log on…

  • starwarsrs13 says:

    bye music jam i always enjoy your stay hope to see you next year but even better

  • SnippitySnap says:

    cant wait!

  • Trekker says:

    Sadly I never got to meet any mascots but I was there for the moment The Music Jam started so I hope I a chance to meet them next year…

  • bluey20043 says:

    I met the band, cadence, and Maxx! It was great. I had a lot of fun, and I am guessing the adventure party is next? I hope so. It was one of my favorite parties. Even if you aren’t doing the adventure party now, I hope you do soon. Rockhopper IS my favorite mascot and I hope to meet him.

  • craftingnoob says:

    well my favorite thing was the rooftop it was the best cpr and cp room ive seen yet! good job on keeping the bright colers ok! πŸ˜€

  • PixeledGamer says:

    I Loved to see the msuic jam! sad to see it going now. i wonder what rockhopper is bringing with him?

  • Poveda says:

    Thanks for bringing this amazing party CPR Team! Hope I can see it again the next year.

  • reng says:

    hi i have this glitch where it says i already have the igloo but i dont and i really want to buy the igloo

  • reng says:

    hi i have this glitch where it says i already have the igloo but i dont and i really want to buy the igloo

  • Police Chief says:

    Dear Stu,
    Do you make good stew? Also, will you make me some stew?

    -Police Chief

  • IgglyBuff says:

    I had so much fun meeting mascots!

  • Halopona says:

    Was Such an amazing party got to meet Cadence But Sadly not DJ Maxx Hopefully he will visit the island again soon for an event!

  • WhimsicalNut says:

    We will miss you dearly.

  • Tomtom2010 says:

    wait i thought today was the last day for the party? dates for things usually include the last day right?

  • magic48922 says:

    i never got to meet any mascots and i log on everyday πŸ™

  • christian V. says:

    so…..whats gonna be the next event? im thinking… a puffle related event bt ey its your choice!

  • Zuras Hakai says:

    I wonder what will replace the Music Jam. Too bad it end πŸ™


  • Deli says:

    Hey CPR, will all three Card Jitsu games be coming out at once? Or will they be released in stages?

  • hotdogry1 says:

    it seems to go by much faster then it used to on cp πŸ™ but time in general is flying

  • xKrispy says:

    I really enjoyed the music jam, not only did I meet my first ever mascot there but I met all 6!
    The party was awesome in general though, penguin band playing at the iceberg, the awesome rooftop parties and you can’t forget the free items. Overall I’d say this was my favorite party so far. Thank you for making it so great.

  • raivo111 says:

    i loved the music jam hope next party is be big party in game

  • isabel says:

    i can’t complete my first mission because music jam is over, can somebody please fix that?

  • josh says:

    can the next up date plz be the dojo

  • josh says:

    can the next up date plz be the dojo I really miss the dojo and cardjitsu

  • JackVictorc says:

    I Loved the fact there was something for everyone during the Music Jam. Great Job CPR Team

  • Chucky Cheese says:

    I love that by adding DJ Maxx as a mascot, Club Penguin Rewritten has taken their first step away from the original Club Penguin, but towards a new CP world.

  • Saltren90 says:

    I loved meeting the mascots such as penguin band, dj maxx and cadence! It was really fun and the items were awesome! Keep up the good stuff CPR!

  • buimi says:

    i wish i could enjoy it more :((

  • Oshatt says:

    I showed up there, my

  • Cian84111 says:

    I loved all the room designs. This party was a blast.

  • happy1 says:

    I loved being able to start a band with my penguin friends!

  • do the dab says:

    I liked all the rooms that required back stage passes, all the free items, and all the mascots.

  • Nerdsy4.0.4 says:

    Well, although Music Jam is over, I’m excited about the 500 Thousand player celebration, CPR sure is getting close!

  • angie says:

    I don’t wanna be a downer, but I didn’t enjoy the Music Jam much. the mascot were neat, even if i only met one. but a “party about music” just isn’t my thing! I am actually excited for the color vote, and whatever event that is coming next. I heard about Rockhopper soon visiting Club Penguin. I am certainly happy about this, because Rockhopper is one of my favorite mascots. my first time possibly meeting Rockhopper! I can’t wait!

  • Eva 2004 says:

    This party was great and my favourite places were the backstage, casa fiesta and the rooftop. Unfortunately, I didn’t met Cadence and Dj maxx. I wanted that you put on what’s new where and when mascots will be..A lot of penguins have get mad to have nerver met the mascots. Otherwise, I hope that Card-Jitsu game will starts in the next days, that will be fun! And that Rockhoper will arrives soon! See you soon penguins ~(^-^~)

  • BetaYay says:

    Look! I’m on the image with Beena, my friend! That’s so cool!!

  • corrado says:

    that definitely breaks the clubpenguin record of 22

  • Simonlars08 says:

    what why is it an end now? did DJ Maxx come?

  • Tomm As says:

    I’m glad it was a short party,
    I like them but they used to last too long and I wanted them to go away already.
    Didn’t meet any mascots but is fun trying to find them

  • LukeyBoi says:

    bye music jam

  • Mister.fedora says:

    I know its not connecting with the post but
    Could you, please , add card jitsu in the game because a lot of person and i want it, and everybody will get a lot of fun with it, Sensei will be add as a new mascot in the game!
    Your team could do an event for it like ,”Let’s play ninja!” and their will be a old mystery about an shadow ninja and your goal will be finding it
    and we will get special reward!

    Please pay attention in my message

    Guillaume Ross

  • Human Being says:

    You have a lot of mail…..

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